A dark spot on Indian Management and a BIG failure in the Recruitment industry


“Where your search ends… Ours begin!” – is the brand caption of this recruitment firm that has many branches in India and one in Dubai, still their modus operandi remains the same and that is ‘Donkey Work’.

Things that make me laugh are – First, Caption of the firm, which is meaningless considering their inhumane behaviour towards employees and clients. Second, ‘Chairman’s Message’ section in www.jerryvarghese.com which mentions ‘employees are an asset’. It’s been more than three years as an employee in Jerry Varghese, not only have I lost faith in god but even humanity but sadly, it was my decision to join the firm without asking or even searching about the company reputation in the market.


I am one of their existing employees in the JLT office but I prefer to be unnamed due to the legalities of this country that still favours the employers due to monetary reasons and ofcourse lack of solid evidence (one that is never enough against management people like Jerry Varghese).

At present the company is going through relatively a very depressed state, thanks to the Oil& Gas market and their method of working. Never in my life, I could imagine a working environment so horrifying that employees working there have been reduced to puppets and a#$lickers. A very good example can be the team leads, especially the Team Lead of Client Servicing who is not only under-skilled but far away from civilization in terms of communication.

To explain in a short and simple manner, Jerry Varghese Global Dubai is the epitome of failure, depression, outdated anomalies and mediocre brains working together. There was a time when the firm had an impressive clientele, which was the result of sheer hardwork and dedication of previous employees, who again were the victim of ‘Mammen Varghese’ – Owner/Chairman/Managing Director/Modern Dracula. Here are some of the rules that he laid down in front of me that explains his mind-set of how you manage an asset/employee:

  • Bachelor’s don’t need casual or medical leave… only employees with family can have that benefit
  • Passport – which is a citizen’s right and proof of identity in an alien nation, is withheld as security
  • When you apply for your annual leave you have to get the signature of three innocent colleagues who will be paying on your behalf if you plan to escape.
  • No medical for the employees, even if the charges in Dubai are sky high for even an X-ray. Thanks to the new rule no new contract can be established or signed without a medical insurance. But, the evil mind of Mammen still has some tricks up his sleeve. I am sure of that!
  • If you are sick, come to office and then we will take you to our Doctor in Ajman (2 hour journey from Dubai) and if he gives us in written that you are in real sick you can leave for home (time wasted = 1 hr journey from home + 4hr car journey to n’ from Ajman + 1 hr travelling back… Please do the maths)
  • If you decide not to come, you have 2 days pay deducted plus a day reduced from your hard earned annual leaves.
  • Have a Panadol/aspirin/disprin and come to work because work is really important
  • This one happened to me personally – 4 minutes late to work and one day pay deducted.

*each and every point mentioned above is true, real and are faced by people who are actually working there including me.

These are just some of the management rules and regulations that these corporate let-downs deploy on a daily basis. Rules keep changing as per will and moods – for instance wearing casuals or jeans on weekends all of a sudden became another mode to get your pay deducted. Such is the level of injustice that the HR Manager (Who happens to be Mammen’s Daughter in Law – I still don’t understand as of how such a dumb/incompetent person ended up as a Manager) looks for every other opportunity to deduct the salary of employees and in turn fund her own picnics and holiday vacations with her useless husband Mr. Jerry Varghese (Executive Managing Directors).

These Idiots who as a matter of fact do wear expensive suits but deep down inside they still are Fishermen from Kerala who are yet to understand what management is all about and how business is done in a modern recruitment environment. They just found gold in muds and sands by chance! If you find the article to be full of hate and anger then I don’t blame the readers, but in reality this is actually a company review. A review written by me but compiled by the employees who still work there and are facing the ire of ‘Monkeys’ who run the company.

How can such people exist? How can such firms be allowed to operate in Dubai? How can DMCC turn a blind eye towards such Injustice? How can clients expect Jerry Varghese to do recruitment when they themselves cannot treat their own employees well?

The aforementioned facts are just a sample of what to expect from the mediocre firm, but still an eye-opener not only for Job Seekers in Dubai but to the impressive Industry names who plan to sign a contract with this company. I wish to bring such information to the light of as many people I can because words can work wonders, even if it’s against sub-standards firms like Jerry Varghese Global.

Feel free to join the firm and ruin your career, dismantle your resume and add disgrace to your self-respect.



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