Reality Check 2016: Are girls the only one getting raped?

Sachin’s retirement or the AAP dream win fails to hide the atrocious standards that Nirbhaya episode exposed. ‘RAPE’ a term that disgusts me even the moment I am thoughtless or seeking solitude from the worldly gallows. I regret the inadequacy of liberty and girly freedom that our feminine partners deserve to enjoy, irrespective of any time and situation. It seems that our Forefathers were busy counting the number of traditions and moral principles that should govern the society. Had they been a bit practical, the situation would’ve been a bit pleasant for women today.

However, I wish to stay away from this endless discussion loop and am willing to explore a different subject matter. ARE GIRLS THE ONLY ONE GETTING RAPED???

If Rape was something that is more of a mental whipping that leaves a permanent damage, then I feel sorry for the Males too. Being a male in a nation like India is not easy because due to some misguided morons, the whole assortment has to suffer endlessly. For instance, one more rape and here we are with a conclusion that ‘All Men Are Dogs…’ and for those who still believe in the concept of Gentlemen….Thank You!

How Men are Raped?

Corporate Rape… I can talk about this all day long

Now days, any small business unit or a Dukaan in India can harass an employee in terms of principles and corporate ethics. These firms state their business names as prosperous as popular brand like LEXcorp, but when it comes to their style of working it’s all HIRE n’ FIRE. You will find worthless losers relaxing in the top level management imparting verse on how one can be a good employee. They hire young talents, fake ethical behaviour and if you are a male living in rented accommodation, then be ready to stretch your professional arse beyond working hours daily.

A word of caution and advice: Don’t even think of asking incentives for working extra or you’re doomed!   

Today most of the Maukri or Dimesjob (You know who) emails we receive mention a long list of ‘Candidate requirements’ a la special powers you should have in order to seem suitable for any respective job. They never mention the perks or even the salary figure that you can expect from these self-established conglomerates. Nevertheless, the HR who calls doesn’t even care to do her part of the homework in studying background about the firm for which he or she is hiring.

Note: Some professionals are professional enough to harass female employees as well!


When any of us say ‘I miss my school’ we mean all those memories and time spent with friends, who grew and actually became morons later on. I still don’t understand why some teachers, especially the PTIs develop a strong natural sense of hatred towards boys. I mean isn’t it OK to have some fun in school before being exploited by professional life ahead? We all have one or the other memory of a teacher who was ready to kill any boy once caught with any mistake. Since when we allowed school authorities or staff to exploit us? Be it homework not completed or even an assignment not done, who are they to start exploiting us physically???

It seems schools today have only one solution to all the problems concerning a faulty student and that is ‘beat the hell out of that KID before anyone starts following him’. Yeah…Job Well Done!

Education used to be a right that was moulded into a family business by some long time back, and today we all are educated by people who lack basic edification.

Metro and Buses

Why do people in Delhi Metro and Buses forget that even boys need to sit and relax? I agree and accept that it’s our moral duty to ensure that people who are in need of a seat should get one before we do. However, this list limits to Senior citizens and pregnant women. Moreover, it’s quite funny that getting a seat in Metro or a bus is like good Karma or Maa ka ashirwaad or Pichle janam ka Punya today.

Reality check: Fit aunty comes and a stare at you is equal to ‘Stand up’, Girl comes and a stare is equal to ‘Idiot, you better stand’ and this one is the best ‘hath me bacha hai so please mujhe bhi jagah do aur bacha main hi pakdungi chahe vo bacha mera na ho…’

Mandatory Note: Please give your seat to someone who actually needs and deserves it more than you. Boys, please ladies seat ko akela chod do and Government, Koi to seat hum ladkon k liye bhi chod do!!!

A Reluctant Conclusion

I have a strange feeling that I am going to hear a lot from people around me….especially girls. However, I convey my sincere apologies to anyone whom I hurt unknowingly, but I stand my ground on the facts mentioned in the blog. We all should respect and adore our female counterparts and ensure their safety all the time. Let’s hope for a brighter 2017 that actually sees equality between Men and Women in India. Cheers!



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