Thank you… Vimala Mam!

I was in 11th standard and I desperately needed someone who could teach me the basics of Micro and Macro-Economics, if not me then this is what my parents thought. Like the Indian education system, I have always been clueless when it comes to tutors and career choices. A known individual suggested that I meet this Lady who teaches in Kerala School (a well-known school in Delhi, especially among mallus). At first, I was reluctant to oblige as I was not convinced with the level of education provided in Kerala school but then again, who can question his own mother in India!

I went and met this angel of a woman who had a very calm effect on me. There was this strange feeling of peace around me whenever I sat with her. Whether it was her firm faith in my abilities or her motherly care that nurtured me into a good human. The way she taught was extraordinaire and so was her knowledge of the subject. Vimala Madam was someone who got love and respect from students irrespective of standard, caste or even age.

I made it a point that even after me clearing high school or graduation or even post-graduation, I had to meet her just to enjoy few minutes of peace that I dearly missed. Ever since I stopped my economics classes with Vimala mam, I was stressed, depressed and absolutely clueless as of where my career was heading. 5 minutes with Vimala mam convinced me that I was different from others and yes, I was destined to do something out of tradition.

Soon the inevitable happened and I was on a flight to Dubai (still hate myself for the career move but somehow I met love here). Failure to seek her blessings before leaving haunted me every single day for a year. When I landed back in Delhi during my vacations, the first thing that made my ‘to-do list’ was meeting her and touching her feet. However, I just couldn’t reach her. Her students had no idea where she was and after continuous search and numerous chats I came to know that she is in Kerala with her daughter.

I was happy with her because I never liked the idea of her being alone all the time in her house. I was happy that finally she could talk with her daughter face-to-face and enjoy every moment to the fullest. While I was missing her terribly, I had a strange gut feeling that I cannot describe. It’s this continuous feeling of ‘blankness’ whenever I thought about meeting her. Nobody had any clue when she would return and one fine day while browsing my Facebook News Feed I saw her pic.

One of her many beloved students had posted an obituary with her picture and I was again left with a sole being of helplessness. How could she go without letting me know? The only one individual who believed in my abilities was gone to a better place! As hard it is to accept that she is gone, I feel happy that I got to share some of the most memorable moments of my life with her.

Vimala Mam, I hope my prayer reaches your beautiful immortal soul through the readers and your students. Just to make sure you knew how much I loved you, adored you and respected you… I will MISS YOU FOREVER mam!


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