Story of an Alcoholic…!

Shiny and elegant seem so lesser world words to me, even when I try to describe the beauty that this enigma bestows upon its admirer. Staring at the glowing glass has always been a subject of amusement for me. People who remain in a single state of mind are considered nothing less than a lunatic is, for I have been a mad lover of alcohol all my life. I have treasured this heavenly poison for such a long time that even I don’t remember…

I am not an alcoholic but the beauty of this shining glass drives me crazy every time I see the glow besides the fire that burns within… no doubt, this moment is the most precious self-realization aspect for an immortal lover. Rarely do we find a beauty that demands nothing from us; with each drop, you find yourself a step closer to another dimension. To the world where sorrows have no existence, a place where fantasies are termed with definition, a realm where love never seems incomplete…

With the majestic substance in my hand and the magic that commands by heart…I see the world from an entirely new perspective, a different proportion…

I feel so numb, I feel so feelingless…some say it is the pain that makes us human, considering that I feel I am no human anymore! I am now a soul irresolute from pain and agony; I am now an immortal lover still in search of my long lost love…Still searching for the lost pieces…still trying to complete the story that was meant to remain imperfect in every sense.

Speaking of love leaves me in a state of confusion and betrayal…even as I speak my soul leaves me in this weird dilemma, aforementioned delusion between the addictive nature of love and the innocent alcohol.

As the toxicity wears off, I find myself staring at the moon. Often I wonder whether the moon laughs at my pain or is it the so-called humanly god who mocks my wild imagination…who am I to question the great one’s capability…above all who am I to carry all these sufferings alone…. Whom am I to retain these stinging memories???

As my drink comes to an does the night…as I start walking towards oblivion I bid adieu to my foes. I call it a night, when my eyes feel too tired to see… when people leave for their dreams, I start a journey that leads to nowhere…

“Often some Love stories are inked in pain…the pain that lasts forever…

It is me who carries this pain as your Immortal Lover…”- Unknown


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