Why Indian Management is a Disaster?


Now, before I start untying the knots one by one, let me make one thing clear… facts mentioned in this post are not at all imaginary or opinionated and by far is the true nature of Indian style management. I started my career as a Creative writer 5 years back and it was the promising and creative nature of the job that persuaded me to grab this career option. However, being a writer has its own negatives that are enough to lead your creative juices towards a permanent burnout.

Over the years, I have felt one thing in common in all the corporates I have been associated with and that is their poor or rather I should term a third-grade managerial ethics, which can easily be felt in work environment. There is a popular saying in the Indian IT segment that many of my friends will agree with, “MD’s of small IT business units are no-brainers who feel their ‘Opinioned’ strategies are always right to the point!” As I have mentioned and highlighted the word ‘opinioned’, things get clear automatically why these people are no-brainers in the first place.

Here are my common observations:

Doomed Authority-Responsibility relationship

What according to you is an apt definition of management?

Well, some may say it as a perfect combination and execution of functions like Planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. My beautiful readers it’s time to wake up to the harsh truth that in India small IT industries believe management to be about ‘I’ ‘Me’ ‘Myself’. The authority responsibility relationship is absolutely doomed and you may find a Creative Writer reporting to a douche who in his or her entire life has not written even a mail!

Sadly, this is how things are in reality and a struggler trying to establish himself is the one paying the price.

Professional and Personal relationships together

This I believe applies to all of us because mixing your professional relationships with your personal ones is one of the biggest mistakes that an Entrepreneur can commit. In small IT industries that are scattered in Delhi, you will find top level managers quite and unbelievably close n’ friendly to the MDs. Many times I tried to point out my manager’s mistakes and to my irony, all I got was a smirk followed by a statement “ Yaar let her do what she wants…You know na she speaks crap!” I was like OK then why the hell am I reporting to her. Daily spending hours into creativity just to craft a sensible article and within a flick of an eye all I hear is to write gracefully…as if I was playing ‘Titan Wars’ all these years.

I am always right…you can go to hell!

This kind of relates to the statement I mentioned about MDs in the very opening of this article. No matter how experienced you are or how hard it has been for you, but in the end it is the MD who is always right! Not only these people are opinionated but dumb too. And, I believe having an intelligent enemy to fight against is much better and relieving than having a dumb one! Don’t know how they always successfully manage to get on your nerves…even if you’re Superman, you are doomed my friend!

It’s not an office…It’s the devil’s playground so you can rot in hell

Now this one’s really hilarious… all my life I have carried on with an attitude that says, “I really don’t give a F#$k” and this changed thanks to my MD. Since my first day here, all I am reading about is the changing policies and guidelines of the office, which I believe is like a school now. You have come at this time and leave late…why? Because you have to add value to your miniature brand, even if it is being operated my morons….

Thanks for bearing my anguish till now you beautiful people but sadly, words can never express the level of hatred and agony I have developed all these years working under small business in Delhi. Thanks again and please do express your opinions and views under comment section…


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