Even God’s an ASSHOLE!



Over the years God/ Gods have been called several names that may or may not be necessarily positive if one pays attention. Then comes a guy like me, who happens to be an atheist of a unique breed that believes what he feels and sees himself. Out of all the selective experiences, I had a strange feeling of someone pulling strings in a way that makes sure I fall flat on my face everything time I take a step forward.


How strange is that thinking or way of belief! On one side you have a millennial opinion of thousand gods that represent several religions and on the other side, you have this guy who thinks god is one hell of a scriptwriter who just loves to see him fail. I have felt god in those tiny miniature seconds wherein opportunities have slipped out of my hands. I have seen god in those mile-moments wherein fate has ridiculed my chances of being the great one.


Lately following a turn of unfortunate events, I realised God was a supreme or an upgraded version of human. He is every bit annoying just like every other person I see around me or in the metro snatching space and seats. He was equally a mean prick like the people who never followed the meaning of queue that lead to the escalators of a metro station. He was every bit of an asshole like all these humans who disgust me!



Well GOD, fcuk you too. Hope you’re smiling at me while you create new plans to screw me!


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