The story of Kanksha and Noah


Hiding in the shadows is a lover…silently watching his love smile,

Life has never been so kind or have been the shadows for allowing him to hide….

Immortal love has always been an immaculate conception for mankind,

But is there something as immortal as this lover’s pride….?


Watching you smile was always a pride within…for I have been your lover since eternity,

I may not be lucky enough to hold your hand…but I have dreamed of holding you in my arms often with dignity,



I have heard your pure heart beat…very next to mine,

Have often dreamt about making you hear my heartbeats…that cry your name with mine,

I have always been a dark person at heart…night has always been my friend,

It is this darkness that makes me human…it is this darkness that hides my pain to pretend,



Watching you smile has always been my liberation…talking with you will always be a paradise,

There must be some other dimension where you are mine…. this may be the only reason why I wish my demise,



Caressing your hair…. feeling your face, dancing slowly that even makes the time go slow,

When the night comes calling my dear…I will be alive waiting for you in the after-glow,

Wish I could give you even a single reason to love me back,

Loving you blindly itself has been a lifetime setback,


My name shall stay an enigma for many…. but for thy, I will be known as an Immortal Lover,

A lover who sacrificed his own happiness just to see her smile forever,

Had she been loyal too… beautiful would have been the story of Kanksha and Noah…


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