Shattered Glasses & Broken Dreams…

Some nights have a beauty of its own or maybe he loves the beauty that night beholds within itself. The night is mysterious with a million secrets entangled in a beautiful manner that can make anyone fall in love with its enigma. Even that night was beautiful when he went to meet this beautiful drunk queen of the night,
There she walked with several dreams falling out of her wings, carefully she picks every step and keeps moving towards a path unknown to her even. Even the silence seems to sing around her lips, such is her elegance. He followed her like a stalker while stared like a lover who lost his pride to a beauty unknown to even the creator.
As he walks behind her, he leaves dreams of love made of glasses trailing behind with a hope to pick them later with her. Never ever one has felt endless love for someone who is yet to be his destiny. Then why does life smile when he is with her? Why do questions run around him like mocking wild rabbits? Why he does not wish to live another day without her?
As she stares blankly at the starry sky with questions, he stares at her with eyes full of dreams that of a lovely tomorrow. He wishes to take her in his arms and vanish to a realm that he created for her and her only. An immortal desire to be one with his love ruins his incomplete sleep; somehow his lips wish to get sealed with hers’ to protect the secret he has been carrying in his heart from the moment he saw her.
As he kneels down, takes her little feet and holds it in his palm and begins to cherish the beauty that many ignored… he silently plants a kiss and quietly feels the heavenly element that lies in her feet. As he cherished the moment, she whispered something that delivered a whiplash to the riddle that was surrounding them.
As he caressed and embraced her feet that showed him signs of the creator’s artistic expertise and his own mad love, she told him how more she loved the young morning than the dying night that wished to be hers only… all that was left was a sound of dreams breaking one by one like glasses.
“He smiled because the night was really beautiful just like her… He cried deep inside because he knew he had to walk back through the broken glasses, only to bleed again in silence” – NoOne

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