Love by chance!

By chance I just found her… maybe she was broken,
All she does is speak of getting lost,
When a deep stare in her eyes leaves my time frozen,

By chance, I fell in love with her… maybe she loves me less,
All she does is find ways to ignite a quarrel,
While I still wish to show my love for her that will always be limitless,

By chance, I saw the light in her eyes… maybe she wanted to burn the stars,
All she wants is to hide behind the clouds,
Maybe she prefers to twinkle like burning buzzards trapped in jars,

By chance, I started a new life with her… maybe she was meant to be with me,
All she wants is to slow down and be lost,
Maybe she is yet to see the ocean of love waiting within me,

“Love that was never before… feelings so endless,
Maybe it’s a punishment for being an atheist,
I love her more than my life but she loves me a little less…”


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