Faulty Fate…

All of a sudden it seems I lost what I stole from the grips of time,
A bond undefined, unique in itself,
All I am left with is some broken dreams and a mask to hide my face,
I see pointing fingers but no faces as if it signifies my immortal punishment,
What kind of a life do I seek forward to without the one I loved?
What kind of a second chance does life has to offer when I have to see the one I love in constant pain?
Every time I hug her I leave a part of my soul for her to keep as a souvenir,
I wish to wander aimlessly with you again and be one till eternity,
I wish to alter my stars that foretell my destiny,
I don’t wish to wait for a fate that has you missing with me,
Even though my heart appeals for a friendship with my own pain I don’t wish a life without you,
I no longer love myself for life is now a burden that I wish to pass on to the one who cares….

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