Sky burns n’ it rains FIRE…

There is some kind of anger within me, a strange wish to shout out to the sky as it rains fire. Keep shouting till my voice is no more and the fire melts me into an element from which I was born … ashes. This time I don’t wish to come back again, at least with a defective heart that feels for anyone I see. I see barbwires cutting me inch by inch as I try to reach to the hand that wishes to offer me my salvation. A winged counterpart that teases me as I chase it endlessly and finally stop so that I can catch my breath.

I feel helpless in a situation where I cannot sacrifice my own heart for something better. I wish to feel lifeless again as I see smiling masks around, each with a knife of their own waiting to stab me. I paint a canvas that will soon burn with the fire that rains from the sky. It is this fire that shows me the ire of the creator for never walking the path he showed all of us.

I made a mistake as I chose to stay away from the flock and walked a path that none chose to travel. I wish to sleep peacefully and I long for a night that will not haunt me. I pray to my princess of the night to embrace the darkness within me and let me sleep beneath the stars. I wish to sleep forever as this life is nothing but a strange punishment that never seems to end.


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