The end of time…

As we walk towards a better part of the world, a voice inside of me says a silent prayer. I stare at the empty corners with a strange fear of losing you in the end. To a man who has lost everything he ever desired, walking with a dream of his own is nothing less than a miracle made of glass that has to be cared with every step. Somehow the prayer says we will be together till the end of time and this story is just a beginning of a beautiful chapter with limitless Love.

Please hold my hand as I am still a child that fears reality…

May be the real world is too big for me so I should hide behind your grace or I should close my eyes with a shy smile as you guide me towards oblivion. When I walk with you even the silence speaks a strange language with every stare full of love and need. I have travelled a long road and covered more than I was supposed to, but this life still despises me as try to reach out to her. May be you are my path to redemption so let me sleep beside you, may be you are what I was searching all my life so let me share my life with you……

“Take my memories and burn them into ashes,
Let me paint us together in my dream,
Before the rain comes again and the color it washes…”  – No1


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